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Airport Munich


15 x 15 meters, faithful replica of the Allianz Arena as a corporate lounge

Special feature

The facade, which in the original consisted of almost 300 different cushion shapes, was reduced to an efficient 24 shapes for the replica

The task

We set up a true-to-the-original model of the Allianz Arena at Munich Airport, which we use on the one hand as a corporate lounge and which on the other hand informs all passengers about Allianz’s diverse activities.

The Artlife solution

Creating the illusion of the real facade, which in the original consists of almost 300 different cushion shapes, was the biggest challenge in this set construction project. From a production point of view, it was quickly agreed to use thermoformed parts for the cushions. The decisive factor here was to use as few molds as possible since thermoforming molds are extremely expensive. In the end, we managed to reproduce the look of the real arena with just 24 different molds. The result was an affordable solution that could be seen almost unchanged at Munich Airport from 2006 to 2019 and attracted tens of thousands of visitors every year.

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