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Dealer Event – Mazda Mirai

Artlife for Mazda Motor Europe in Warsaw

„Crafting emotions“ was the guiding principle under which the managing directors and sales managers of the Mazda Motor Europe dealerships came together for the Mazda Mirai 2019 in Warsaw. The venue was the Centrum Koneser – a hotspot for young, modern and urban life in the Polish capital. The entire equipment and presentation construction for the dealer event was taken over by the Hofheim-based set construction experts from Artlife.

The focus of the event was the presentation of new vehicle models as well as an outlook on the future roadmap of the Japanese car manufacturer. More than 4,000 dealers met in the period from 17 to 28 June for a two-day presentation programme in the former Koneser factory complex.

Spread over the areas of the laboratory for the opening and closing, Butelkownia and Filtracja for the evening event and Koneser Patio for the Mazda Experience, Artlife has expanded and converted a total of over 3,000 square meters for brand staging on the site.

The Munich-based brand experience agency Avantgarde is responsible for the overall concept of the dealer event.