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Artlife celebrates its 30th anniversary

30 years of Artlife: New appearance and clear statement for the future

Since its foundation in 1993, Artlife has made a name for itself in the exhibition and event business. This year we celebrate our 30th anniversary. In doing so, we are not so much concerned with the past as we are looking to the future. At a kick-off meeting at the beginning of the anniversary year, the entire Artlife team committed itself to a sustainable strategy for the future. Under the motto: “Our future is green”, we sum up our current self-image. “We are convinced that it will strengthen our foundation for many more successful years to come,” is how our managing directors Stephan Haida and Andreas Bedel describe the future direction of the company. The revised logo and the new website are the external features of the relaunch.

Our future is green

The topic of sustainability is not new to us.
Since 2009, we have made a special commitment to this topic in our corporate policy and have worked steadily on CO2 reduction. For us, our own sustainability efforts go beyond minimizing our CO2 footprint. In accordance with the 3-pillar model, the environmental concept and its implementation as well as economic and social responsibility have been an integral part of our corporate philosophy ever since.

Most recently, we now also offer customized sustainability consulting. With an eye on an environment- and resource-friendly implementation, two “Sustainable Consultants” initially assist the clients already in the creative process. This involves identifying CO2 drivers and potential savings as well as defining materials and logistical components as early as the conception phase.

When it comes to sustainability, we take the next step. “We have decided to implement an environmental management system tailored to our needs in accordance with DIN ISO 14001 in the year of our 30th anniversary,” says Sustainability Officer, Michael Magunski. “For us, it’s the next logical step toward a future-proof and competitive orientation. ISO 14001 certification allows us to demonstrate our commitment to permanently improving our environmental performance to customers.”

Certification according to DIN ISO 14001 still in summer

Preparations for this very complex process have already been underway for almost a year. After a comprehensive inventory, the task is to compile and prepare data, evaluate sustainable processes, and define problem areas and solutions. The certification audit is planned for the summer of 2023, but after certification is before recertification. At regular intervals, the performance of the management system will be reviewed by external auditors.

“The management system enables us to incorporate environmentally relevant aspects into our business decisions in a forward-looking and systematic manner,” says Stephan Haida. The aim is to ensure continuous improvement in environmental performance through optimized and consistently coordinated corporate processes. The internal objectives are improved knowledge management, employee motivation, minimizing errors, and increasing customer satisfaction.

A sign as a statement – red becomes green

The consistent commitment is clearly visible in Artlife’s distinctive trademark. The familiar red triangle logo is turning green after 30 years. “This extraordinary step is to be seen first and foremost as a commitment to ourselves, but also as a promise to our customers and partners.” The Artlife philosophy remains unaffected: each employee has his or her own logo. Always based on the characteristic Artlife triangle.

Relaunch with new website complete

Against this background, our website has also undergone a complete relaunch. “In the course of our increased focus on more sustainability, we no longer felt represented by the old website. After all, awareness and framework conditions in our industry have changed in recent years,” explains Stephan Haida. “When designing the new website, it was important to us to portray our corporate philosophy and responsibility, as well as the people who make up Artlife, in a more approachable, open and above all unpretentious way. Just the way we see ourselves”.