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VIAN Vorwerk International Award Night

Artlife supplies set construction for the Vorwerk International Award Night

For this year’s Vorwerk International Award Night (VIAN) in Stockholm, Artlife was responsible for the entire set and set construction, including logistics, on behalf of the Pioneers Live agency.

The VIAN is the annual closing event of an international sales competition and honors the most important Vorwerk players from 16 countries. Around 2,000 key players from the Thermomix and Kobold brands travelled to the event.

At the heart of the immersive concept under the motto “Mission V” was a stylized ship, through whose windows, represented by oversized LED walls, guests could experience their first impressions of the underwater world of VIANTIS. The impressive backdrop formed the worthy setting for the 280 square meter stage on which the award ceremonies were celebrated.

After the award ceremony, the back wall of the stage opened to reveal the impressive staging of the VIANTIS world and allowed visitors to immerse themselves deep into the underwater worlds. The decoration of the large and high halls for this was a special challenge. Behind the imposing scenes were mysterious rooms that housed the catering and entertainment areas. On the show stage inside the Viantis world, an international megastar thrilled the visitors at an advanced hour.

For the structural staging, the Mainz-based agency relied on Artlife’s expertise and experience in the implementation of set constructions of this size and short planning time.

On a total of 14,000 square meters, the Hofheim event service providers have created the conditions for the immersive experience. This included decoration, wall and support structures as well as stage and scenery construction. In addition to the spacious welcome stage, the overall setting also included the recognition area, the VIANTIS world and the crown-shaped award stage.

Fotocredits: Gustav Kaiser