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Artlife. The history

A look back ...

30 years of Artlife


1993 – Artlife is founded

Theatrical painter Boris Lauer founds Artlife.

1993 until 2002

After the initial focus on stage design for theaters and set construction for commercials and TV productions, Artlife achieves national recognition with the emerging boom in event marketing – especially in the tourism and automotive industries. First international projects, e.g. in the USA, are realized.

2002 to 2005

In 2002, Artlife is reorganized. Stephan Haida and Andreas Bedel join the company as managing directors and shareholders. Stephan Haida, long-time customer consultant and agency manager, takes care of consulting and new business. Andreas Bedel, a trained mechanical engineer and long-time head of event technology at a Frankfurt event agency, is responsible for production.

This new orientation is well received by the market. The company develops rapidly, the number of employees grows and soon the production becomes too small and the new 5,000 sqm premises with 3,000 sqm production and 500 sqm office space in Hofheim are moved into.

2005 – The year of the big setback

Two major customers suddenly disappear and the company finds itself with its back to the wall overnight. In this situation, Artlife’s strength is shown in a special way: the cohesion of the team. All employees temporarily waive part of their salaries to avoid layoffs. The common spirit that emerges in this crisis situation inspires each individual and, with joint strength, the turnaround is soon achieved.

2005 shows the strength of Artlife: the cohesion of the team

New success, new size



becomes the most successful year in the company’s history.


The company sets another milestone and decides to take a step that is unusual in the industry. Artlife makes its entire production CO2-neutral. As one of the first companies on the production level of trade fairs and events, Artlife has launched a company program for climate protection and responsible business and lifestyle.


The comprehensive sustainability commitment finds its confirmation in the certification as “sustainable company powered by FAMAB” in June 2011, making Artlife one of the first companies to receive the brand new sustainability certificate of the industry association FAMAB.


The managing directors Stephan Haida and Andreas Bedel have now taken over 100% of the company and can show continuous business development. The company has invested in people and machinery, greatly expanding its vertical range of manufacture. The number of employees has increased to more than 30 for the first time. The production areas and storage capacities are also expanded at the company location to now a total of 4,500 square meters. A clear commitment of the company to a continued independent production.


Two decades of Artlife


2013 – 20 years of Artlife!

The anniversary year also marks the most successful year in the company history of the event and trade fair service provider to date. The newly created design department proves to be a hit. At last it is possible to offer trade fair stands from design to implementation from a single source. A real added value for the customers, as can be seen from the strong growth. Artlife stands on rock solid legs.


At the general meeting of FAMAB, Verband Direkte Wirtschaftskommunikation, Stephan Haida is elected to the board in 2014. He takes up his post as a new member of the board on January 1, 2015 and will hold it, most recently as deputy chairman of the board, until 2022.

2018 – 25 years of Artlife!

Artlife has achieved a lot: 45 employees now take care of global projects. The customer list reads like a who’s who of the German economy and the experts also recognize the special performance: in an annual survey of experts and industry insiders, Artlife has been voted among the top 3 most efficient event service providers in the field of set and stage construction since 2009.

For the anniversary, the entire team will travel to Garmisch-Partenkirchen for 3 days. We would love to tell you more about it, but as the saying goes: “what happens in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, stays in Garmisch-Partenkirchen”.

Challenges of a different kind


2020 – Covid 19 is here.

And with the Corona virus, nothing is the same from one day to the next. The entire industry of live communication is misplaced virtually overnight by government regulations with a ban on the profession. Artlife is also hit hard. Having started the year with full order books, all sales collapse from April onwards. At a staff meeting, the options are laid out. All employees are to be retained. However, short-time work means severe financial restrictions for each individual. But with the help of the company’s own production and innovative spirit, the company manages to stay alive. Instead of trade fair stands, Artlife now builds mobile home offices and hotel furnishings. The earnings are manageable, but together with the reserves, the company saves itself until the aid packages take effect and are paid out. This also shows the special importance of the industry association, without which the aid would not have been forthcoming.

2021 is still a short year, but the company actually succeeds in retaining all its employees. Once again, this shows what can be achieved with team spirit and cohesion.


We are almost back to pre-crisis levels, even though the world continues to go crazy. The war in Ukraine, the energy crisis and disrupted supply chains are the keywords.


30 years of Artlife - with a new look and a
clear statement for the future

Today and tomorrow

In 2023, the 30th anniversary is on the agenda. Time to look ahead and find answers to the challenges. The focus is clearly on sustainability. This should also be visibly transported to the outside world and so the Hofheim trade fair construction specialists are changing the logo color just in time for the anniversary. Red becomes green and with it the commitment to sustainable corporate management in all areas becomes an obligation. The many internal measures culminate in July 2023 in the certification of the company according to DIN ISO 14001 environmental management.

We have a lot planned. With 60 employees now on the payroll, production capacity is being expanded and the company is becoming even more international. Training is another focal point, especially in the area of craftsmanship. We are currently training 9 carpenters in what is probably one of the most beautiful professions. And in project management, too, 5 trainees are currently learning the basics of event management. So despite all the crises, we look to the future with confidence. Knowing that nothing is stronger than a team!